• How Green Tea can be Helpful in Improving Memory

    Benefits of Green Tea to make your Memory Sharper

    Green tea reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, improves oral health and is an effective weight management option. As Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease affecting cognitive skills and memory research has been focused on the effects Green tea has on improving memory

    Short Term Memory Loss

    There are several causes of short term memory loss although the two most common causes are insufficient sleep and stress. In our busy lives the recommended 8 hours sleep is rarely achieved and most people tend to disregard they actually suffer from stress. Cortisol commonly called the stress hormone can be caused by an overload of sensory inputs to the brain. These sensory inputs from driving, neon lights, load music, TV’s and video games etc. put our sensory system on overload increasing cortisol levels in the body; increased cortisol destroys brain cells in the hippocampus. It is not uncommon for medical practitioners to see 40 – 50 year olds with short term memory loss< leading to what is now called mid-life memory impairment.

    Green tea, L-theanine and memory

    Green tea contains L-theanine an amino acid that reduces stress, improves relaxation and the quality of sleep. Research findings published in the Journal of Medicinal Foods found L-theanine was associated with improvements in immediate and delayed recall as well as general memory.

    Which is the best Green Tea to improve memory

    While there are a numerous Green teas on the market made from various grades and quality of tea leaves. One tea that is gaining popularity is Tava Tea Wellness Blend a premium quality uniquely blended tea that has numerous health benefits that ensures a long and active life. Drinking Tava Tea Wellness Blend is the most enjoyable way to stay healthy and retain your memories.


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