• How Green Tea is a Healthy Drink as Compared to other Teas

    Green Tea is commonly served in Chinese restaurants. It seems green tea has hit the scene not only as an aid toward fat loss but some of the young bodybuilders today are using this as an aid toward their physique goals. With the ever quest for better health done naturally, people are discovering many of the ancient foods and drink are filled with beneficial properties that improve the human health and help ward off big diseases.
    Green Tea does have caffeine which would explain the thermogenic effects and aid toward fat loss since it will bring your core temperature up increasing the metabolism slightly as well. It seems scientists are now finding in studies that it helps prevent and maybe even treat many diseases and cancers (some hormonal cancers as well such as ovarian, breast and prostate), cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Even arthritis can be helped through its anti inflammatory properties yet is non toxic even in higher amount over long terms. Green tea seems to be helpful to the joints so for those with joint problems it is a great beverage to include in your diet.
    As an antioxidant Green Tea is good for the kidneys and the immune system. It has been shown to help fight colds and flu’s by helping to strengthen your immunity through its phytochemicals. All teas contain the potent antioxidants known as polyphenols, but green tea contains the most potent forms and this property is not damaged in its processes.
    Green Tea naturally produces fluoride which is a side bonus for your teeth and much easier to deal with than having it shoved in your mouth and held there while the dentist counts down and tells you not to swallow!
    Keep your eyes out for ice green teas and green teas used in your favorite drinks sold at coffee shops and corner stores. Green Tea ice cream commonly served in Japanese restaurants and gelato joints is tasty and may carry its properties on through this ice form although I have not read any studies yet on the frozen version.
    There are several types of green tea classified by how they are processed, dried or served and are widely enjoyed in Asia by blending them and flavoring them. Green Tea is unfermented which means its properties are not destroyed.
    One of the more humorous uses of green tea is for treating flatulence. This tea is widely used in Asia more for its aroma and flavors, its ability to blend rather than for its health benefits. The origins of this tea are East Asia and can grow as a big shrubby tree. You can now find this plant throughout most of Asia, Africa and Mid East.
    The plant which gives us its leaves to make this drink is called the Camellia Sinensis plant; the leaves are harvested and used toward the finished product. Next time you are looking for a nice hot drink or a refreshing cold drink try green tea and do your body good at the same time


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