• How Many Calories are there in One Cup of Green Tea

    Most of us like tea and always enjoy a cup of good tea. Let’s find answers to the following question asked by one of our website visitors..
    How many calories in a cup of tea?
    This is a tricky question to answer. I had to ask several people I know and read some online documents to verify certain facts. Final answer is below.
    If you consider only tea, that is without sugar or milk, a cup of tea will have will have zero (0) calories. Adding milk, sugar, cream or any other sweetener will add calories to your cup of tea. The amount of calories added will depend on the type of milk/sugar added and the quantity.
    Example : Granulated white sugar will add slightly more calories compared to adding same amount brown sugar.
    Take following facts into consideration..
    • One teaspoon of sugar contains about 18 calories
    • A single cup of skim milk contains about 10 calories.
    Now do the math,
    If you use 2 x teaspoons of sugar and 1 cup of skim milk, your cup of tea will contain 28 calories.
    Iced tea made with tea bags, ice cubes and water, does not contain any calories. But the commercially mixed ones you buy may have calories due to added sweeteners.
    For people who want to fight obesity and moderate the intake of sugar, green tea would be the ideal drink. Green tea has many other health benefits as well.


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