• Reasons Why Not to Take Green Tea After Lunch or Dinner

    Although coffee and Alcoholic beverages are good for health, but their usage should be limited and you should know that how to limit yourself, just to avoid their side effects. According to a survey in United States it was announced that we all should avoid drinking coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages just after when we have our meals, it applies on your lunch, dinner or even breakfast as well. The outcome result of this whole survey and scenario described that drinking coffee and tea after your meals will harm your health and entire digestive system, because Coffee and tea will absorb Proteins, iron and vitamins from your food and then it becomes indigestible for our body digestive system. Given below are some useful tips for you if you are a coffee or tea addict to manage your intake and still stay fit and healthy:-

    • Avoid drinking coffee or tea just after when you have your dinner, or lunch, because it may harm your digestive system, as it absorbs proteins, iron and vitamin sources which you gain from your meals. 
    • Try to have coffee and tea after 1-2 hours of your lunch or dinner, because that will give some time to your digestive system to digest your food, and that will be a great benefit for your body system as well to digest your food properly. 
    • If you are so much addicted to coffee and tea, then you can go for some add-ons in your coffee and make it light enough for digestion and that can be done by adding milk, fresh cream, ice creams in your coffee. 
    • Try to cut down on your daily coffee intake is the best solution, because sooner or later you have to quit it, to stay healthy and fit. 
    • We are not forcing people to just go ahead and end you coffee addiction, and that is just next to impossible for those extreme coffee and tea addicted people, but you must understand that it harms your body system, so a bit cut down will help you a lot for sure.


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