• Recipe to Make Green Tea Milkshake

    In the midst of countless decadent desserts, a green tea shake stands out as a light, refreshing option. You can sweeten the dessert to taste and add mint for a richer flavor. High in antioxidants, a green tea shake can also be low in calories if you make it with low-fat ice cream or frozen yogurt. Try this easy-to-prepare shake as a refreshing end to a meal or as an afternoon treat. Does this Spark an idea?

    • Brew one cup of green tea. Allow the teabag to steep for four minutes in 8 oz. of water. If you're brewing loose tea, steep it for three minutes in the same amount of water.
    • Sweeten the tea by adding sugar to taste. For best results, use no more than 3 tbsp. of granulated sugar.
    • Refrigerate the brewed green tea until it is chilled (approximately two hours). The chilling process can be accelerated by brewing a more concentrated batch of tea (using either more tea or steeping the tea slightly longer) and chilling it with ice cubes.
    • If a deep green color is desired, stir two drops of green food coloring into the tea. For additional flavor, add three mint leaves to the tea.
    • Add the ice cream to the chilled green tea.

    • Blend all of the ingredients and serve.


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