• Benefits of Green Tea Against Acne

    Green Tea Benefits to Fight Against Acne

    Green tea has been part of the daily life of the Asian community for centuries. It has been used not only as a beverage, but also for its healing properties. In recent years, the benefits of green tea for acne has been extensively investigated and the results have concluded that much to drink the liquid and use it as an extract has positive effects on the skin and body.

    The origins of green tea

    Green tea leaves is actually derived from the same plant as black tea ordinary. The difference is in how it is processed. Normal black tea is fermented while green tea is dried only. This gives a lighter taste and color and helps retain its medicinal benefits. These are just some of the benefits that can be obtained from green tea.


    Is a cheaper alternative to the large amount of acne products for skin care market available today. Green tea has great qualities to help with acne

    Natural cleaning properties

    Drinking a cup of tea helps cleanse the body of toxins in a totally natural. Some people also like the fact that green tea can help you lose weight.

    It works like an antibiotic

    Tea extracts functions as an antibiotic, it may help to reduce infections that cause irritable skin and add to the proliferation and aggravation of acne. This stimulant also helps fight bacteria.

    The common addition to many herbal remedies

    If you look at the ingredients of products most herbal remedies you will find that the characteristics of green tea extract, among many brands. When combined with a cup of tea using a product containing extracts you will be able to double the profits.

    Use as a compress Green Bag Natural

    After drinking, you can use the tea bag as a compress to soothe the skin. Nothing is wasted. Applying cold tea bag directly over the areas of your face where acne appears. This also helps with infection.

    Pay attention to the levels of caffeine

    Although green tea has great benefits you have to be aware of their consumption, due to the level of caffeine. The amount is roughly equivalent to half a cup of coffee and you should be fine as long as you control how much you are drinking.

    Can Green Tea Help in Reduction of Acne?

    Other medicinal benefits concerning this plant have included positive effects in people who have suffered from cancer, cardiovascular problems and irregular levels of cholesterol. Green tea can not cure diseases, but it is an excellent addition to ongoing treatment that people are getting.

    Drinking green tea can be beneficial to your overall health. It is a very easy to incorporate into your daily life. It can be an acquired taste for some people, as it is different to tea regularly. If you really can not get used to the taste, you can still reap the benefits of herbs by taking capsules of green tea or green tea daily vitamin supplement.


  1. Sarah Parker said...

    Green tea is useful the humain health for a many reasons. It is also known to get rid of acne due to its antibacterial properties. It has been proven to fight Staph infections, which include pimple .From Benefits of green tea for skin green tea is rich in antioxidants like polyphenols, particularly catechins, which clear free radicals that cause cellular ruin if left unchecked. The potent catechin present in it combats inflammation.
    Furthermore, it stabilizes your hormone balance which controls your acne and heals inflammation and redness on your skin. Benefits of green tea for skin

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