• More Benefits of Green Tea For Acne on Skin

    While there are many medications and resources available to help fight acne and clear up your skin, the disadvantage is that these powerful medications can leave skin irritated and damaged in some cases. You will be surprised to know that the benzyl peroxide, which is considered the perfect murderer acne is actually present in green tea! High levels of antioxidants in green tea have been shown to be as effective as 4 percent solution of benzyl peroxide. The best part is that you can use green tea extracts directly to the skin or taken as normal tea!

    The power that green tea possesses:

    Green tea is rich in antioxidants that are very useful to prevent acne, as it fights free radicals that are harmful to the skin cells and tissues. Green tea is also known for its anti-bacterial properties that fights the bacteria that cause acne. Green tea helps reduce inflammation and keeps the skin fresh. Drinking green tea helps detoxify your body of toxins that give a radiant complexion and helps to balance hormonal activity keep your skin clear of acne.

    Topical application of green tea:

    Green tea is a natural caustic that helps purify and disinfect the skin when applied directly. The recommended way to do it is to boil green tea and let it cool for five minutes. Then, using a cotton ball, which are applied on the face or use the tea bag directly on the face. Let dry green tea alone. This is very effective to reduce and lighten stains. Can be used directly on the spots for healing. The reason it works is because green tea contains Pigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is a very strong antioxidant drying revitalizing skin cells. Therefore, when the green tea is filled gently exfoliates the skin radiant and bright keeping.

    Fight Acne With Green Tea:

    Green tea is very effective in terms of combating acne problems. People suffering from acne should eat a lot of green tea helps detoxify the child and helps eliminate toxins that are harmful to your system. These toxins are expelled from your system which gives a very healthy glow. Then also helps keep metabolism running sound too. Using a tea bag directly on your face will help you achieve a glow in your skin.


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